Wawayanda State Park

Peaceful Beauty

Wawayanda is a quiet park of sloping forested hills and mountains as well a calm lake. Wawayanda lake is popular for it's restful backdrop of lush pine trees and wildflowers. 20 miles of the Appalachian trail runs through Wawayanda and real serenity can be found from the top mountain views. Wawayanda is a perfect place to relax in nature and enjoy the tranquility nature can provide.

Activities in the park can be divided between activities on land and on the lake. One of the most popular activity on land is hiking. Over 40 miles of trails are marked in the park for people to explore and they provide a variety of challenge for beginners to experts. Trails include the Appalachian Trail, Banker Trail, Beafort Waters Trail, Bike Path, Black Eagle Trail, Boulder Garden Trail, Cabin Trail, Cedar Swamp Trail, Cherry Ridge Trail, Double Pond Trail, Iron Mountain Trail, Laurel Pond Trail, Little Bear Trail, Lookout Trail, Old Coal Trail, and many more. For those wanting to stay the night at the park, Wawayanda also provides campgrounds, including pet friendly campsites. Hunting is allowed in the park, but only in designated areas of the park. Animals such as deer, grouse, squirrel, turkey, rabbit, raccoon, and woochucks may be hunted using a bow and firearms are allowed to hunt in appropriate seasons. All hunting must follow the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife Regulations.

One popular water activity is Fishing in Lake Wawayanda. The lake is filled with trout as well as landlocked Salmon, Yellow Perch, Largemouth Bass, Pickerel, Catfish, Sunfish, Crappies, and Bowfin fish. Boating is also favored among guests. The park holds boat rental facilities that rent out Canoes, Rowboes, and even Paddleboats. Sailboats and Sailboards are permitted on the lake, but no rental facilities rent them.

The peaceful nature as well as the fun activities make Wawayanda the perfect place to visit on vacation. 
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